8 Foot Folding Balance Beam Sale For Home

Basic Info
Brand Name:   LDK
Model Number:   LDK50089
Product name:  8 foot folding balance beam
Type:  outdoor Balance Beam
Material:  High density compressed sponge
OEM or ODM:  Both we do
Certificates:  CE,NSCC,ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS
Color:  As the photo or customized
Price:  Factory direct price
Warranty:  12 months
Minimum Order : :  10 , Pieces

8-foot folding balance beam customization is cheaper, and now the custom size of this sample is 8 feet, of course, we are custom-made balance beam manufacturers, you can customize the size you want, we would love to hear your suggestions, including Customize the color of the beam, the materials used, etc., as long as you are professional.

 We found that this 8 foot balance beam is folded, and our design is easy to use and to place. We also offer one integrated balance beam. With regard to the quality of the folded balance beam, I can tell that this balance beam is very durable if you Like this 8-foot folding balance beam can be e-mail or online customer service contact us, we see the message will be the first time you reply.

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