Adjustable gymnastics parallel bars for sale

Basic Info
Brand Name:  LDK
Product Name:  adjustable gymnastics parallel bars
Model Number:   LDK5001A
Material:   Steel
Length:   3.5m
Width:  Adjustable, 0.42-0.52m
Bars:  Fiberglass or ashtree
Post:  Ø 89x4mm, High Grade Steel Pipe and cast iron base with rubber feet
Surface:  Electrostatic epoxy powder painting, environmental protection, anti-acid, anti-wet
Locking System:  Yes, more safe
Payment Terms:   TT in advance. 30% deposit in advance,balance before shipment
LDK Standard Package:  EPE , Weaving Sack, Cartons
Lead time:  20-30 days
Quotation Valid Period:  within 1 month
Minimum Order : :  100 , Pieces

Custom professional gymnastics indoor parallel bars, the previous parallel bars used for a long time, easy to corrosion and oxidation. ldk professional custom indoor and outdoor adjustable gymnastics parallel parallel bars, parts rigorous testing, surface treatment to prevent oxidation, steel material custom outer rubber protection, moisture, oxidation, can maintain the use of parallel bars time. 

Adjustable gymnastics parallel bars

Gymnastics parallel parallel bars used parts and materials are subject to rigorous testing, so we can customize the professional adjustable parallel bars quality assurance. At the same time all of our equipment details and design can be customized, we have more than 8 years of design engineers, design gymnastics equipment.






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