folding aluminum mini soccer goal wholesale

Basic Info
Brand Name:   LDK
Product Name:  folding aluminum mini soccer goal wholesale
Model NO:  LDK2021
Size:  155cm x 100cm (5ft x 3ft) x 74cm
Material:  Aluminum
Movable:   Yes
Foldable:   Yes
Net:  Yes
Term of price:  EXWORKS
Quantity:   100-150 pieces
Lead time:  25-35 days
Quotation Valid Period:   within 1 month
Minimum Order : :  1 , Pieces

folding aluminum mini soccer goal custom Advantage

Wecustomized folding mini-soccer goalscan be freely folded to carry, and we wholesale to the client's soccer goal to provide free soccer gates, we customized this mini soccer goal is provided to some schools, clubs practice to use, also outdoor tourism can use aluminum folding mini soccer goal ,

folding aluminum mini soccer goal

minisoccergoal is our custom aluminum raw material production, use will not rust oxidation outdoors, increasing the use of mini-soccer goal time. If you are interested in our custom folding aluminum mini soccer goal, you can contact us by email, or you can visit our company.

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