Gymnastics wooden rings custom sale and custom

Basic Info
Brand Name:  LDK
Product Name:  gymnastics wooden rings
Model Number:  Adjustable, 5700-5850mm between top of the frame to land
Ring Height:  Adjustable, 2550-2850mm between ring to land
Ring Material:   Durable Resin composite materials
Ring Belt:   700x40mm
Frame:  60x80 big steel pipe
Cable:  8pcs Dia 6mm solid electroplating steel cable with plastic protection coating
The floor hook position:  5500 x 4000mm
Certificates:   CE,NSCC,ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS
Payment Terms:  TT in advance. 30% deposit in advance,balance before shipment
LDK Standard Package:  EPE , Weaving Sack, Cartons
Lead time:  20-30 days
Quotation Valid Period:   within 1 month
Minimum Order : :  10 , Pieces

What are the advantages of custom gymnastics wooden rings?

Professional gymnastics project competition custom gymnastics wooden rings for sale, we have customized gymnastics wooden rings what are the advantages?

Customized high quality wood lifts Gymnastic facilities are made of wood and cable with canvas connection, the length can be freely adjusted.

Gymnastics wooden rings custom sale and custom

There is a high demand for custom-made torch gymnastics facilities, whether it is rings or rings brackets and connecting canvas. These are the need for safe protection. Our custom-made gymnastics wooden rings can be used for advanced professional competitions, high schools, sports Center, gymnasium, community, club and so on. We have customized all gymnastics rings are professional custom use, each part has to undergo a rigorous quality inspection, quality, service, price, we are the same advantage.

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