Official Nba Basketball Hoop

Basic Info
Brand Name:  LDK
Model Number:  LDK10000
Product name:  Official nba hydraulic basketball hoop
Type:  Stand
Weight:  550 Kg total every stand
Backboard Material:  Tempered glass
Base Material:  High grade steel
Color:  As the photo or customized
Base Size:  2.5x1.3m
Rim Material:  Steel
Material:  high grade steel
OEM OR ODM:  Yes,we can
Price:  Factory direct sale price
Packing:  Safety 4 layer package: 2 EPE & 2 Weaving Sack
Lead Time:  20-30 days
Minimum Order:  10 Pieces
Minimum Order : :  10 , Pieces

Official nba hydraulic basketball hoop

Factory custom official basketball hoop, custom height adjustable hydraulic basketball hoop size in line with nba standard size, we customize the official basketball hoop height is how much? This is a professional problem, if the customer chooses the factory to customize the official hydraulic basketball hoop,

Official Nba Basketball HoopOfficial Nba Basketball Hoop For Sale

Factory professionals can help customers install the official regulation of the provisions of the height of the basketball hoop,Our factory wholesale basketball hoop in accordance with the official nba rules custom, but also certified basketball hoop, if you need to customize the official nba basketball hoopcan email us, we contact you as soon as possible.

Product  Specifications

Product Name

Official nba hydraulic basketball hoop

Model NO. LDK10000

Size:  2.5x1.3m

Material: high grade steel

Extension Length: 3.25m

Size: 1800x1050x12mm

Material: Certified tempered glass


Dia: 450 mm

Material: Φ20mm solid steel

Surface treatment Electrostatic epoxy powder painting, environmental protection, anti-acid, anti-wet, painting thickness: 70~80 um
Balancing weight 550 Kg total every stand
Portable Built-in 4 wheels, can be easily moved
Foldable Easily electric hydraulic fold
Padding High grade durable international standard thickness
Safety 4 layer package: 1st EPE & 2nd Weaving Sack & 3rd EPE & 4th Weaving Sack
OEM OR ODM Yes, all the details and design can be customized. We have professional design engineers with more than 30 years experience.
1. All basketball stand products are shipped knocked down

2. Easy, simple and fast

3. We can offer professional installation service if need and exclude in the cost

Applications All basketball stand can be used for high grade professional competition, training, sports center, community, clubs, universities and schools etc.

Product Details

Height Adjustable Electro Hydraulic Basketball Hoop,Official Wholesale Basketball Goals

Height Adjustable Electro Hydraulic Basketball Hoop,Official Wholesale Basketball Goals

International Standard Basketball Ring

Our basketball hoops can be used in senior level competition. It will not be distortion after

withstanding the slam dunk. The Basketball ring has good character on the bending resistance.

The basketball ring will not rotate after shooting onthe ring top with static load force less than

105 KG on the fatest point of court. If the static load force is more than105 kg, the basketball

ring will downward rotate, but the angel deviation will not exceed 30 degrees, so it can effectively

solve the shootinghoop stability and security problems on dunk, and can get back in right position.

Height Adjustable Electro Hydraulic Basketball Hoop,Official Wholesale Basketball Goals






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