Professional custom volleyball umpire chair advantage

Basic Info
Brand Name:  LDK
Product Name:  Volley Umpire Chair
Model NO:  LDK3008C
Height:   2m
padding:  fully padded structure for maximum safety
composition:  composition
frame:  42x2.25mm high grade steel pipe
Surface Treatment:  Electrostatic epoxy powder painting, environmental protection, anti-acid, anti-wet
Color:  As the photo or customized
Payment Terms:  TT in advance. 30% deposit in advance,balance before shipment
LDK Standard Package:  EPE , Weaving Sack, Cartons
Lead time:  20-30 days
Quotation Valid Period:  within 1 month
Minimum Order : :  10 , Pieces

Professional custom volleyball umpire chair advantage

LDK factory customization specialization competition using the, we know that professional competition,  in the umpire chair is specially prepared for the referee, you can better record scores and determine the results of the game.custom volleyball umpire chair can be used for large-scale school games, stadium training use, professional competition and so on.

changed the previous referee standing record of the situation, the volleyball umpire chair is more suitable for referee use, the referee can more quickly record the game situation.

Our custom-made volleyball umpire chair has a non-corrosive, oxidative function, made of steel raw materials, which will make the volleyball umpire chair more durable, and we have more offers, and custom styles You come to choose. If you need to  for professional game use can email us in contact form.

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